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About Region 13

Hilary Martin

Welcome Page

A very warm welcome to Region 13!

Region 13 occupies a large geographical area from Anglesey and the Lleyn Peninsular of Wales in the West to the Cheshire Peak District and Pennine Lancashire in the East and the shores of Morecambe Bay in the North.  It includes the Isle of Man and the large cities of Manchester and Liverpool. Details of groups in these areas appear in the first newsletter of the year and on the website.

The Quilters' Guild in Region 13, through its 6 regional representatives who hold meetings in their own areas at least once a year, ensures that all members have interesting events to attend. Twice a year regional days bring together up to 80-100 members to hear big name speakers, see some wonderful quilts, enjoy retail therapy and meet one another. 

Classes and workshops at various levels are held throughout the region and the Regional Co-ordinator can supply details of those near you. Our Young Quilters representative, Carole Pinnington, is keen to increase the number of under 16s.

Keeping in Touch

At the moment we are producing a digital newsletter once a month in order to keep you in touch.  We are making every attempt possible to reach members who cannot access online information. Send details of any event you are organising within the region, to the Website Editor and the Newsletter Editor. Many groups are now arranging virtual events.

This is your website and it's only as good or as up to date as the information passed on to the editor.

And, if you're a new group, a group that has so far not appeared on this page or you have changed contact information etc, please send the details to the Website Editor.  You do not need to be affiliated to the Guild or, indeed, have any member who belongs to the Guild.  If you quilt, we'd love to know about you.  We need to know -

·  the group's name 

·  the address (including postcode) of the venue

·  when you meet

·  the name*, address*, telephone number* and email address* of the group leader

·  any other details you want to add in.

(*As the website is public, we only show name and email address. Details of the group will also go into the regional newsletter, where only the group leader's name and telephone number will be shown. Any other details are just for our records - we try to be very careful with quilters' personal details.)

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

As part of our continuing commitment to your privacy we have updated our privacy policy which can be found on the Guild website at you have problems viewing a copy of the statement please contact your regional co-ordinator. 

Your group does not necessarily have to have any connection with The Guild - if you quilt and patch, you can use this website!

Region 13