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Region 13 Quilt Stands have a new home

Region 13 has quilt stands for use by any club within region. These stands are now available for loan.  They have been purchased as a service to members of Region 13 to assist them in putting on exhibitions and events involving the hanging of quilts.

Many thanks to Janet Keenan for storing the stands but they now have a new home with Wendy Deverill at Sticky Fingers in Coppull.

There are 26 stands available for hire - 13 single stands and 13 double stands - which will, in total, hold 39 full size quilts. Any number of stands may be loaned at any time.  

Details of the charges for borrowing these stands are -

  • Affiliated groups - the loan charge is £15.00 with a deposit cheque of £30.00 (two cheques required, one of £30.00 and one of 
  • Non-affiliated  - the loan charge is £75.00 with a deposit 
    cheque of £100.00 (two cheques required, one of £100.00 and one of 

The loan charges remain the same whether you wish to borrow just a few stands or all 26 stands.  The loan charges have been set at nominal rates for affiliated groups as this 
facility has been created as a service to members and supporters of The Quilters' Guild.  We hope that you feel that we have spent the region's money wisely, and look forward to seeing some lovely exhibitions with 
professionally-hung quilts in the future. 

Remember - as well as quilt stands, Wendy also holds large banners which can be used to promote your exhibition.  Reserve these at the same time as you reserve the stands.

For reservations and more details, contact Wendy Deverill at Sticky Fingers, 172 Spendmore Lane, Coppull, Chorley, Lancs PR7 5BX

t: 01257 794468


Please be aware that stands must be collected from Sticky Fingers; delivery is not an option.